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When it comes to building mobile apps, you must have got confused at once about where to start or how? Well, this is one of the first questions that hit me because developing an app is not an easy task. Therefore, how to hire a freelance mobile app developer? Or should i reach an app development company or freelancers is one thought that constantly revolves in one’s mind? However, there are a lot of options to consider for mobile app development. But as I stated above most businesses tend to find themselves in two states, hiring a mobile app development company or hiring a freelancer.

This is known as one of the crucial decisions that should be taken with command. If you will loosen up at this point then you can be left behind.

Your mobile app development will have a significant impact on your business (your project, timelines, and the quality of the final product). However, there are pros and cons to each app development cost. Hence here I have come up with what one should go for (company or a freelancer)?

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  1. Different types of mobile app developer

Different types of mobile app developer

Before you begin with the app development process, it is also a necessity to know different types of app developers. There are android and iOS apps and each is developed with different features and functionalities. Therefore there are different technology stacks, features, and functionalities that an app is constructed with. In this way, it becomes quite easier to make decisions and also to start with building a potential audience.

In this digital era, mobile apps are known as one of the best ways through which organizations can reach and remain in contact with their clients. With the tremendous expansion of smartphones among users, mobile apps are those that can help users to reach their potential services with few clicks. Hence if you are starting up a business or even you are an enterprise, mobile apps are a necessity.

But at last, you have to choose whether you want to go with freelancers or a company? Hence as a freelance full stack developer, I will here help you to solve your problem. In turn, this will help you to begin with all of your business requirements with ease and comfort.

  1. Mobile app development company vs Freelancers

Heading towards the app development process, I have found many businesses struggling with their decision of hiring whether an app development company or a freelancer. Therefore you have to know about both benefits to make your decision easier.

2.1 The mobile app development company

When you are reaching the best mobile app development company then you will be able to get custom app services. Such services are known as typically enterprise-grade services for mobile app design to project management, UX/UI design, and everything you need to build successful apps,
For enterprise clients, an app development company, all of your app development benefits are under one roof. So you no longer have to go anywhere for your complete solutions.
You can even outsource the entire project to a highly qualified team to feel confident that your end product will be fruitful.
In addition to this, the top mobile app development company will also provide cross-platform mobile apps. This means you can benefit from android and iOS app development services simultaneously. In addition, some app development companies do offer more services beyond app development. By this I mean backend infrastructure, assist with app publishing, provide post-launch support, and even help with refining your mobile app.

2.2 Boutique mobile app development companies


When I talk about boutique app development companies they are a bit smaller than the traditional company. They do offer app development services but on a smaller scale.

Therefore these solutions are typically best for small-scale companies.
It is sometimes not a good idea to reach boutique agencies because they have fewer resources to help. In simple words, they can be of less infrastructure, resources, and facilities.

2.3 In-house mobile app developers

Some of the larger organizations employ a team of expert app developers. They handle your entire request right from planning, strategy, development, testing, launching, and marketing. There are different reasons why businesses go for an in-house app developer team and some do not. It is all dependent upon what is your business requirement or what platform you choose. Further, if I come with the cost then it depends upon the type of app developer you choose.

2.4 Freelancer

Coming freelance mobile app developers like me, work for themselves. There are different platforms from which you can hire freelancers and in turn get the best deal. Companies are usually drawn toward freelancers and it is mainly because of their low cost. But do not think with freelancers you have to adjust with your work quality. Freelancers are reliable and deliver the best outcome as per your business requirement.

You can hire freelancers on an hourly basis and even full-time. But ensure that you confirm everything right in the starting. This is the case with both companies and freelancers.

Hence there are many benefits associated with both companies and freelancers.

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  1. Benefits of hiring mobile app development company

Benefits of hiring mobile app development
Finding the right app development company can make your work easier. This is mainly because there are different benefits associated with it. But there are some disadvantages of hiring app development company. Hence here I will help you to know those as well.

3.1 Barriers of languages

All of the top app development companies own an experienced person. This means they are versatile, experienced, and with potential outcomes. When talking about relations among humans from extraordinary countries, the language barrier is constantly something to not forget. But some difficulties do take place and this is the case with the language barrier. Thankfully, we live in a generation in which English media has propagated to such an extent that the possibilities for a random man or woman you meet to recognize the English language are very high. It may not be the case for everyone, but knowing English has transcended from being something that seemed genuinely top for your resume, to something that is truly predicted of you, if you need to be taken severely, in particular in a worldwide environment.

3.2 Loss of control

Due to the fact hiring a cell app improvement corporation means running with a person outside of your company, you won’t have the same capacity to monitor and manage the task because it progresses. Running with an off-web page improvement group may be a huge shift for some businesses, however a skilled employer can help make the transition seamless.

3.3 Inability to control every sphere of development

Another major con of outsourcing is the incapability to control every aspect of the app improvement process. An in-residence development will give you the right of entry to a consistent assessment of the day-to-day development of the mission. You could in my view overlook every level of the development, this way you don’t lose sight of what is taking place in keeping with time.

3.4 More resources

A top mobile app development company has drastically greater resources than a freelancer. For instance, it’s rare to discover a freelancer that handles native app development and UX/UI layout. The ones are usually exclusive roles. But an organization has each of those roles, and extra, all under a single roof. They also have the potential to get your app to market faster in comparison to a freelancer, as more than one person might be operating on your mission simultaneously.

3.5 Expensive changes

App development is a non-stop process, as time goes on there’ll continually be a need to make modifications, a number of that are minor even as others essential. Inside the case of juvenile modifications, your in-residence development group can easily affect these adjustments without it causing you any downtime or massive economic dedication. If the same changes had been to be treated through a development company the technique may be complicated and pricey.

3.6 Time maximisation

Time is a useful commodity in business as well as non-public life. Outsourcing app improvement enables you to dispose of the headache of app development thereby permitting your in-residence team to focus on another crucial component of the enterprise that can move it ahead. Additionally, since the cell app development company is specialized for nothing but app improvement, you can be relaxed confident that they will supply your venture in document time, in comparison to the in-residence crew with the intention to maximum likely have other duties in the establishment.

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  1. Benefits of hiring freelance mobile app developer

There are certain states where even hiring a freelancer is proven to be the best step. Being a freelancer I have worked upon different requirements and always tried hard to deliver the best results. In addition, I have worked with different industries to develop android and iOS. This means companies do prefer to adopt freelancer services as well. It is mainly because there are several benefits.

4.1 A lot of options

A number of the mobile app developers started as freelancers. So there are surely plenty of nice developers obtainable. You simply want to find them. In case you browse via freelance networks like Fiverr and Upwork, you will discover hundreds of options to remember. In some cases, you could clear out those developers with the aid of forte, area, class, or price range. So if you’re in a tight price range, you can just alter the filter for an hourly charge within your price range to best display alternatives that meet your standards.

4.2 Best for quick projects

Freelancers are excellent for mobile solutions and web app development projects that have a specific beginning date and cease date. If you simply need something constructed without any more guide or publish-launch maintenance, a freelancer is probably better than hiring an in-residence employee. However, it is rare for most mobile programs to be described as a quick challenge. There are regularly loads greater that go into this compared to web development or different software.

4.3 Lower upfront cost

Maximum freelance developers rate a fixed hourly charge for their time. In case you examine this facet-by using-side with an app development corporation, the premature prices will probably be less expensive. But it’s additionally well worth noting that the development process and timeline will range based totally on your task.

For example, it might take a freelancer longer to build android apps than ios apps. React native app development won’t have the identical timeline as different frameworks. If cash is scarce, a freelancer is probably a better alternative for you. Just be aware that decreasing premature expenses don’t continually translate to lower project cost.


There is a wide range of benefits that freelancers do come with. Often companies think reaching freelancers can be a bad idea but it is not so. Being a freelance mobile app developer, I have assisted various companies in developing their business app (be it an android or iOS). This has made me enhance my skills, expertise, and knowledge. In turn, I have assisted more and more companies all across the globe. It is a good idea to reach freelancers if you have a tight budget.

As this can be easily accomplished with freelancers. When comparing a mobile development organization with a freelancer, there are pros and cons to taking into account both paths. Even as there are truly a few situations when operating with a freelancer makes sense, an app development enterprise will commonly be the excellent alternative for maximum midsize organizations and establishments.

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