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Planning your mobile app marketing budget is a necessity. There is no denying the fact that an app is a necessity for all businesses (startups or an enterprise). With the help of an app, it is convenient for the audience to reach their desired services and for businesses to reach their goals. Therefore if you have not yet developed an app for your business, connecting with a freelance mobile app developer like me will be a beneficial step for you.

I ensure that I connect with your idea to support your business needs and develop an app that can easily fit your budget. But more than developing an app, its marketing is also one of the essential steps.

This is mainly because if you do not define your marketing strategy and its budget then the audience will not be able to know that your app EXISTS and in turn you will not be able to drive profit.

And this is the big step that often businesses fail to do. Therefore let me help you to know why app marketing is important and how much does it cost to market an app? And how to plan your app marketing budget?

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  1. What is mobile app marketing?

What is mobile app marketing

Mobile apps are one of the most important stages to help both audiences and businesses to accomplish their dreams. Therefore no matter what your business is all about, when you own a mobile app it becomes easier to target a wide range of audiences.

However, it has been witnessed businesses are looking to develop or upgrade their mobile app as per the latest trends and technologies. Now one of the second most important steps after building a mobile app is its marketing.

Often businesses develop their app and do not focus on their marketing. It, therefore, fails to gain potential customers. The main reason behind this is if you will not market your app, the audience will not be able to know about your app or what benefit it contains. Therefore once you have developed a mobile app the next step or in between its development you need to prepare its marketing strategy.

Mobile app marketing is defined as the process of marketing campaigns to reach your users at every stage of your marketing funnel.

This means you are engaging your app with users along with

  • Discovering your app
  • Downloading it
  • Completing the onboarding process and
  • To stay engaged

  1. What is the exact cost to market an app?

Once your app is fully developed then the next step is to think about how to market your app and how much does it cost? However it is considered as one of the important questions that businesses often take command of. Also, as a business person you must know everything about marketing so that you can help yourself to walk ahead. However, being a top freelance full stack developer, I will here let you know the lump sum amount that you can cost for app marketing.

Some businesses can spend a huge amount on marketing to some less. It depends upon what budget you are holding for app marketing. Therefore beforehand it will be difficult to give you the exact price. However, I here undergo all requirements and also discuss the different marketing plans. After discussion businesses finalize which approach they want to go and in turn ensure the overall pricing plan. But you should ensure yourself that spending too much money on marketing is also not a fruitful step. Therefore it is very important to set a budget and build strong marketing strategies.

On the other hand when it comes to cost per installation (CPI) calculate there is a definite formula you can make use of

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  1. Importance to set an app marketing budget

Setting a definite budget for app marketing is very important for every marketer. However, if you are going through this particular process for the first time then you will have this thought why? The major reason is when you are new or you are not undertaking big capital. Therefore no matter what your app is all about, setting a definite marketing strategy will help you to accomplish your future goals.

Once you will set your app budget you will be able to allocate your funds in the right manner. If not then you will end up investing too much money in your campaign.

App marketing budget will also help you to keep track of your marketing goals. In this way, the entire process will work smoothly and efficiently like:

  • How many users are you expecting to reach you?
  • What is the installation ratio acceptance from your side on $100 or $1000 spent?
  • What is the target for users to come in the next three to four months?
  • Also what about coming next year?

You will have to determine everything to keep track of records and monitor how much you have achieved? A budget helps you in determining the long term plan and this is the main reason why you need to allocate your marketing plan.

As per me, spending 12-20% of your gross revenue marketing is sufficient. Later when your app becomes established then you can lower this percentage to 6-12%.

However, I know that it can be quite a challenging case if your app is in the pre-revenue stage. But on the other side if you fail in this category I strongly recommend you to set a definite budget plan. Therefore it is very essential to create a marketing plan for the app.

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  1. Create a mobile app marketing budget

Create a mobile app marketing budget

Mobile app marketing serves a great benefit for businesses all across the globe. Therefore it is very necessary to plan how you can begin with app marketing. Being the best freelance android app developer, I always take command to discuss the app marketing plan with all my clients. In this way, it becomes easier for businesses in different verticals to gain a competitive profit.

However, here I am explaining to you the necessary steps to undertake at the time of mobile app marketing.

Step 1. Evaluate your marketing funnel

The first thing you should look for here is a “marketing funnel”. A marketing funnel is a model that determines the stage where your customer becomes aware of your brand and then reaches your brand to purchase goods or services. This means the marketing funnel determines the complete journey of a user before they finally install the mobile app.

However, if you do not take measures to keep track of your marketing funnel then keeping data on your marketing will be difficult. Therefore it is very important to evaluate your marketing funnel and in turn, will help you to determine your entire marketing funnel strategy. In terms of app marketing, there is an awareness phase where users will get to know about your app.

In this way, your app followers will increase and also in turn your business revenue will start boosting.

This is known as the action stage (when users will download your app).
When you will start evaluating your marketing funnel then this will show you a clear picture of the journey people take from awareness to action. In this way, it becomes easier to boost your app and in turn your business.

Step 2. You must define your goal

Most of the time you must have assumed that the app installation is the only goal of every marketing campaign. This is true in every case, but you should not consider it the only goal to focus upon. There are different industries across the globe and each one of those holds different goals. Therefore when you are looking to develop your app then you must define your goals.

Therefore you must set a smart goal. This means you need to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound).

If you will not walk by defining your goal then you will land into many hurdles. Therefore I always ensure that my clients define their goals.

Step 3. Account for public another operating cost

Marketing is one of the best approaches for businesses to reach desired future goals. Therefore it is very necessary to ensure that your marketing goals are met. Also, you must keep in mind that setting the entire plan is very important.

Different operating costs will be considered. Hence, when you reach me I will ensure to tell you everything in detail and turn, undertake desired benefits.
Everyone’s operating costs are different from each other and also looks different.

But you need to understand the fact that not all of your money is available for app marketing. There are other major aspects that you need to keep in mind and in turn, must plan your marketing strategy.

Step 4. Identify the profitable marketing channel

There are different ways of marketing and also different channels. All you need is to select the ones and ensure that you are undertaking benefits. You will need to experiment with different marketing approaches in the beginning.

By doing this you will have to segregate which one is performing and which not. Now to know this you can start with email advertising, search ads and also social media ads. Further, you may extend into long term strategies like organic search through content creation.

With all of these profitable marketing channels, you can further go to test with small variations of the campaign as well. By this I mean you can include A/B testing on your running ad. You can at this point start by testing a small phase and ensure that you do not exhaust your entire money in marketing.

Step 5 Compare your app marketing budget with another mobile app KPIs (Key Performance indicators)

There are different factors that you can look at and compare at the time of marketing an app, however, one of the major is KPIs (Key performance indicators). This means when you are looking to define your budget you need to undertake different KPIs of other mobile apps that will help you to know the overall scenario. In this way, you will be able to find the abnormalities that can contribute to your overall goal performance.

How is your mobile app doing? How many users is it able to gain? What is the average user costing you?

To answer all of the above questions the one way to consider is tracking mobile app metrics and KPIs. Hence there are different mobile app marketing KPIs you should consider to know the actual performance of your mobile app.

a. App download

App downloads are considered one of the most important KPIs to keep an eye on the performance. It is one of the easiest ways to determine whether your mobile app marketing is effective or not. If your app marketing is not delivering you the appropriate result then you must check your marketing funnel.

b. Retention time

If you want your app to perform well, then more than installing your app users must perform different activities as well. By retention time I mean how many users are back on your app after the first session.

After the research it has been noticed that 25% of the apps once opened are never opened again. So it is very important to keep track of how many users opened your mobile app and what is the success rate.

c. Active users

This factor determines how many users are using your app. In turn, this segment can be differentiated into two categories namely- daily and monthly active users. Here the daily active users count the sign of engagement (this means what causes people to come back to your app and use it).

On the other hand, the monthly active count determines the opening of your app by users several times a week.

d. Stickiness ration

The stickiness ratio is calculated by taking your number of daily active users which is divided by the number of monthly active users. However, if you are looking to improve the stickiness ratio then it can be easily done with the help of taking advantage of push notifications and updating your app daily.

e. Mobile app churn rate

The churn rate is the opposite of the retention rate. It tracks the percentage of the users who stop using your app together. After thorough research, it has been found that the average churn rate for the first month is 57% and the number jumps to 57% for the next three months. It is known that if high-value users are churning then you must look to improve your app and its marketing strategy.

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  1. Different component of mobile app marketing budget

Different component of mobile app marketing budget

There are different components of the mobile app marketing budget. All of those are important and ensure to help you at the time of setting your marketing strategy. As the best freelance iOS app developer I will here let you know all of those. Also at the time, I am developing a mobile app, I ensure to take command and follow all of these to make your mobile app marketing strategy works well.

5.1 Market research

There are a lot of businesses that begin mobile app marketing with the pre-launch phase. However one of the best pre-launch marketing phases is market research. If you are not aware of the market then you will not be able to set a definite app marketing strategy.

Market research involves the assessment of the marketing funnel and the desired online channels through which you can easily reach potential users. Now here you have to determine what are your potential users for the desired industry. This means if you are into the healthcare sector then you must target the people looking for different healthcare apps. Hence you need to find the online channels where users are looking for different healthcare apps. In this way, it becomes easier for you to target the desired audience and gain profits.

5.2 Beta testing

Sometimes beta testing is overlooked by businesses (at the time of planning a definite marketing funnel). But it is considered one of the most important parts of an app (success and also functionality). Beta testing is the final step of your development process before the product goes live. It is also referred to as user testing or customer validation.

The main aim of beta testing is to ensure that users are satisfied with the product and can easily gain.

5.3 App promotion asset budget

No matter what is the category of your app (these means be it healthcare, fashion, e-commerce etc) there is a need for you to create digital app marketing assets. In this category visuals used for the marketing campaign falls within this step.

Now, this contains who will create visuals for your app? How will you create videos? To make this happen, you need to hire some experts. Hence in this way you have to define everything for your marketing funnel strategy.

5.4 Social media marketing

One of the most important steps that you need to take is to develop your presence on different social channels. Hence it is considered one of the most important parts of app marketing.

You can easily create your account on different social channels and gain a competitive edge. However, at present time, social media is considered one of the important aspects to gain followers. You can easily reach your potential target audience and help your app to shine all across the globe. Therefore it is yet another effective and important component to be included in the app marketing budget.

5.5 Push notifications

Targeting mobile users with the help of push notifications once they have downloaded the app is yet another important marketing strategy. Considered one of the great ways to drive in-app purchases and also the other actions related to your goals.

But to begin with push notification, you need to determine how you have built your app. You must keep in mind that push notifications platforms cost money and this needs to be accounted for and fits your budget. This is yet another important part of your marketing strategy as your overall marketing main motive is to reach a wide number of users. In this way, you will have a wide scope in gaining a huge customer base.

5.6 Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is exploding at present time, more and more brands are reaching influencers to market their products. This means you can find the influencers, pay them and begin with your brand promotion. You could also use this one-time marketing strategy or also for a longer duration. This is dependent upon you and also ensures to help you gain a wider audience.

Influencer marketing is gaining huge popularity at present time and almost all brands are looking to adopt the particular marketing step.

5.7 App store optimization

App store optimization (ASO), means if you are looking to get the organic download for your app then you will be in a need to invest some money (into ASO). Also, this will help you to stand out from other marketing strategies.

ASO helps in increasing the organic visibility of your mobile app on the App Store and Google play store. The higher your app will rank in the app store it will be visible more to the customers and will be a helpful phase for your business. Therefore to gain a competitive edge or to complete the desired goals considering ASO is one of the important steps.

To Conclude

It is always a good idea to plan your entire mobile app marketing budget. However, you need to take out some time and make a definite plan. Creating a budget is one of the great ways to succeed for your app. If you will not do so then you are likely wasting your time and also will not be able to get any benefit.
However you will end up spending more money and in turn, you will not get any benefits.

Hence as a mobile app developer, I can easily take command from app development to its marketing process. I ensure my clients plan a definite marketing plan by considering all of the necessary points. Hence when you will take into account the right marketing strategy you will be able to withstand more conversion.

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