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WordPress 6.0 has finally launched in 2022, and this second major release has brought many improvements. Well, you will be amazed to know that it has 600+updates and more than 600 bug fixes.

Many features refine the block site editor, which is the prominent feature introduced in WordPress 5.9.

WordPress 6.0 builds on the block editor, adding the global style, block style retaining, and container block transformation.

WordPress 6.0 was released on 24th May 2022, with new features and screenshots. In addition, complete site editing was subsequently added in wordpress 5. 9, which will help you quickly make website-huge adjustments on your wordpress website using the block editor. Now, with the launch of wordpress 6. 0, you could anticipate extra enhancements to the entire website editing features.

Different features have come up with WordPress 6.0. This makes it a necessity for you to walk along with it. Hence as a freelance WordPress developer, I have bought what prominent feature has landed with WordPress 6.0.

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  1. New WordPress 6.0 With Features & Screenshots

Find Comes With Newly Launched WordPress

WordPress has just released the new total site of editing experience in May. Therefore there are different benefits that you can explore with WordPress 6.0. If you have till now not undertaken its benefits, your website can rank on top, increase its visibility, and gain more expansive reach.

  1. Improvements made to the full site

With this feature, you can easily customize your theme using the same block editor you can use to create blogs or posts.
You can change your theme templates and easily edit them visually with the blocks.

But you must note here that you need to own a block-enabled theme that can support your features. WordPress 6.0 launch is bringing tons of features for enhancements and new features to the theme editor. Let me help you to strengthen your understanding of WordPress 6.0

2.1 Easily switch theme style.

WordPress 6. 0 will allow users to switch theme patterns with one click effortlessly. In reality, click on the style button at the top right corner, then switch to the browse styles tab to peer to have patterns on your topic. This lets subject matter builders add multiple styles presets to their themes that users can without difficulty transferring.

2.2 Export WordPress block theme

The new theme editor will even help you to create your templates. You can create yours if you do not want to pick the ones available. There are customization, styles, color, and more. You can easily make your template, but there is a question in your mind.

Are you thinking of copying all of them to another WordPress? But do not worry; WordPress 6.0 easily allows you to export your theme with all your changes.

All you need is to install the theme on any other WordPress, and it will make changes per your latest theme.

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  1. Block Theme Editor- New Blocks

Introduction of new blocks have even made an addition to themes by WordPress 6.0 launch.


  • You can now easily add comments in the query loop. This means it comes with sub-blocks like comment name, avatar, comment content, and edit link.
  • Further, you can also edit them individually to make your comment stand out.


  • WordPress 5.9 allows you just to enter the text you want to use for ‘Read more’.
  • WordPress 6. Zero will come with a separate block as well. You can select one-of-a-kind text, historical past, and border for the link to make it more outstanding.

No result in query loop

No result block inside it, but this block will only be available in case your selected query does not have any result.

Post author biography

New publish author biography blocks can now be used and add writer and avatar blocks.

Along with the above features, changing the avatar is also among these. Avatar indicates the profile photo that you want to choose to display.


  1. All About Editor Changes In WordPress 6.0

Blog editor is where you, being a website owner, can invest your time in creating content for your pages. You can upload the respective content if you are on a blogging site. On the other side, whatever niche you hold, you can make changes with WordPress 6.0 editor feature.

4.1 Features images in cover blocks

Want to use the featured image for a submission inside the cover block? With wordpress 6.0. You can choose a featured picture for a cowl block, which will robotically display the current put-up/web page’s featured photo.

4.2 Easy text selection within multiple blocks

Currently, you might face difficulty in selecting multiple blocks within blocks. However, the block editor often selects all the text in the block.

4.3 Reusable blocks

A significant difficulty with the reusable blocks is that if any person makes modifications to them, those adjustments are stored. To repair this, you could already use plugins to fasten the reusable block and prevent users from enhancing it. WordPress 6. 0 is expected to deliver that characteristic to the core.

You’ll be able to pick a reusable lock block option to save your users from modifying it at once. Further as the top freelance WordPress developer you can hire me to even enhance your project needs and get desired results.

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  1. Other Miscellaneous Block Editor Enhancements

There are other miscellaneous block editor enhancements as well. Hence here I am mentioning those to help you with as well.

  • Border for column blocks
  • Spacing for gallery image
  • Easy and quick shortcut to add internal links
  • Select multiple blocks

  1. WordPress 6.0 Accessibility Improvements

Every time a new WordPress is released, it comes with more advancements, improvements, and improved usability. In addition, it helps users to be more accessible with new features. Hence, WordPress 6.0 has many improvements that would quickly improve user experience.

Hence below mentioned are some improvements introduced within WordPress 6.0 launch.

  1. You can make the post title your ALT text for the featured image if no ALT text is available.
  2. Better tabbing in blocks feature with placement holder elements.
  3. You can search announcements in a block search.
  4. With placeholder set up, read description for blocks.
  5. Admin bar text labels will also be readable by screen readers.

  1. What’s New Under Hood Changes?

WordPress 6.0 has changed for developers like me. Hence I always walk with different trends, technologies, and what’s new.

It ensures delivering the best outcomes for every client. However, recently I have witnessed the new version of WordPress 6.0 that comes with new themes, plugins, and projects.

But what are the changes under the hood changes?

  • Webfonts api will provide theme authors a more efficient manner to control local fonts thru php or theme. Json. An api to prevent blocks from appearing on the widgets screen.
  • Along with this, make get_the_author_link pluggable.
  • Also with an Improved sticky post query.

Newly launched WordPress 6.0 has brought up many changes and in turn, has been found to be a valuable asset within developers and businesses.

Final Thoughts

Those are some of the tremendous changes you could count on to look at with wordpress 6. 0. However, if you need a complete roundup, there are nearly a thousand malicious program fixes and upgrades awaiting you in this most critical wordpress release. I am sure the newly launched version will help businesses get more profits. So it is a good start if you are thinking of taking charge of WordPress 6.0.

Hence if you are excited to dive into new changes, advance to WordPress 6.0 ‘Arturo’ today.

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WordPress 6.0 come with amazing features. Thank

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